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Twin To Twin TransfusioN SYNDROME

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This is an information, research and support site for those diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome



Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome is one of the major arising concerns in any twin, triplet or higher order pregnancy.

If not treated, severe Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome has a mortality rate close to 100%.

Many pregnancies go undiagnosed!


This Web Site offers information about Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome including information on the diagnosis, treatment, pregnancy, birth and  post-natal outcome!

Through the many views of parents and medical practitioners it provides comprehensive information and facts about Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.

The information contained in these pages are collective, from a number of resources and contain the opinion of experts in the field of Prenatal Fetal Medication, Gynaecologists, Medical Practitioners and Obstetricians.


TTTS cannot be prevented therefore an early diagnosis of this disorder in an identical twin pregnancy can possibly save the lives of one or both babies.

Multiple Births, Prenatal Education and Bereavement Support

Although a joyous time, there are sometimes risks in multiple births. Hence this Web Site also offers bereavement support for parents who have lost one, more or all of their multiple birth children during pregnancy or in infancy.


Being a parent is an exciting experience and being a parent of multiples is especially rewarding. In terms of challenges, there are few equals and there is much to know and learn. I am sure that you have many questions that need to be answered and this Web Site will hopefully aid you in this process.


By Lynda P Haddon

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Here you can ask questions, meet with other parents going through TTTS and get access to more information!

Patients looking for guidance among the target sources of this collection of links are strongly advised to review the information retrieved with their professional health care provider.

This website has been put together in an effort to...

Create an awareness of TTTS worldwide.

Provide the latest research to parents and medical professionals.

Arm parents and caregivers with as much information as possible in the diagnosis and treatment of TTTS.

Provide stories, from parents with many different outcomes, so that caregivers may be alerted to the unpredictability of the syndrome.

Provide support for those experiencing a TTTS pregnancy.

Provide support for those that experience a loss through this terrible syndrome.

Raise funds needed for financial support to parents, research and studies.

Give access to support groups worldwide.

Provide a list of Treatment Centres.

Copyright information:  Many items of information on these pages have been provided by medical professionals, or have been obtained from publications. Wherever necessary we have quoted sources and publications, and all copyrights are respected.